N-RJYA (Energia)                           

N-RJYA is a band formed in 1995 under the lead of Dario Palladino.

The band has made the musical scene in Napoli’s night life since, and has developed quite a unique sound over the years. Dario Palladino, lead vocals and guitars, is backed up by outstanding musicians such as Gianfranco Siga on bass guitar, Luca Augiero, Keyboards and vocals, Savio Arato, Guitars and vocals, Fabio Cervera on drums and last but not least Antonio Bifulco on Saxophone. The repertoire includes covered numbers from different genres, ranging from pop to rock and dance, as well as some of the band’s own songs depending on the occasion. What stays the same is the Energy, N-RJYA indeed, the emotional intensity of the live music act.

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(read Energia, meaning energy of course!!) is an italian band  from Napoli, Italy, actively performing since 1995